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EuroKids teaching Children about Good Touch & Bad Touch

TOUCH is one of the greatest senses of all that we can feel a touch or physical contact even when not born. The physical sense of touch plays a vital role in our physical and psychological health. There are lot many supportive means when our sense organs are impaired; for example, when we get any problem in our eyes, we have glasses to support; in case of an ear problem, hearing aid devices are available but there is nothing that can support our sense of touch when impaired.

It has been introduced multiple times in many of the parenting books as well that how important touch is for a newborn; touching their head, patting them, hugging and kissing them leaves a sense of being cared and loved for their lifetime. Severe instances of young children who have been deprived of touch and have suffered as a result have shown the upsetting consequences of touch denial.

These days as Touch is being a bit harsh on small children by few people and is almost non-differential what is in a good sense and what is in a bad sense; it’s very important for our small kids to understand when do they have to stop being trapped by a certain touch and when to linger for the same. An alarming increase in Child Sexual Abuse incidents, it is the need of the hour that we educate our kids about the basic difference between a Good Touch and Bad Touch. Every parent is anxious, frightened and cautious about such incidents not to be making them a victim since the abduction and sexual victimization have become a reality of our cities nowadays.

A generous step was taken by EuroKids, Old DLF Colony, Sector-14, Gurgaon to educate children about Good Touch and Bad Touch in our school premises. Wherein the teacher demonstrated our kids what are their Private Parts and nobody (other than the people in their Safe Circle) should be allowed to touch them….no matter what. We as a PreSchool are devoted to making children learn about basic most things of life since the beginning of their footsteps; Safety & Security forms the prime most pillar in our school and teaching the children on Good Touch and Bad Touch is just another step towards the same.

Let’s learn about what is Child Sexual Abuse (CSA)?

Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) is an episode wherein a child is pressurized, forced or trapped for taking part in any sort of sexual activity by an elder person or a young person. It could involve many activities, namely:

    1. Touching and kissing onto the genital areas of the body
    2. Penetration into the genitals with an object (digit, penis, or any other object)
    3. Bringing the child exposed to an elder’s genitals or any other sexual material
    4. Forcing the child to touch their and other genitals
    5. Forced sex with an underage child

Reinforcement from our side: We should very much be vigilant about our children’s safety and security in every manner. We as an elder members of the family must be creating an environment in the family that facilitates promptness for a healthy conversation zone with the children, as in where parents can openly talk with their children about what makes them happy and feel good about, what all are the things they are comfortable with & conversely what makes them sad and uncomfortable.

This exercise forms a very important basis for further communication to be built with kids because then they’re open about discussing their personal things with us. It is also very important to understand the child’s preference before taking ahead of the conversation on body parts and unsuitable touches brought in for them. When we’re friends with the children and know their likes and dislikes, then only we can make them learn about something related to what is a good and bad touch for their body. Teaching kids about their body parts and what/what not can/can not be seen by other; what is private and is to be kept hidden forms a crucial aspect of it. It has even been suggested by experts that we as a parent shouldn’t be feeling shy while using words like vagina/penis to address to our private parts and should be letting our kids know about the same.

We understand that it’s hard to make a child of 2-3years of age comprehend such incidents but for a child falling in the range of 3-5 years of age, it’s very significant to empower them to say “NO”. They must know that it’s completely fine to say NO to handshakes, hugging, kissing, and back-pats, lap-sitting and playing secret games with elders/strangers/someone who always tries to be lucrative in absence of the family members. They must make a note of one thing that “YOU ARE THE BOSS OF YOUR BODY and nobody can touch it”. The Indian culture always teaches our children to respect the elders, but it’s equally important to tell them to “SHOUT/SCREAM” at elders when they are hurting the kids and making uncomfortable in any sense.

But every child doesn’t shout or scream when something like this happens with them, few go into their shell completely and want to tell you in their own special manner. It’s essential that at that moment you are available for them and understand their saying and don’t ignore their signs of sharing something very noteworthy about their life (which could seem a bit trivial to you sometimes and you want to ignore, but take a pause in your busy life and listen to them carefully). Sit with them, design a Safe Circle for them with a mutual understanding and make them understand the importance of the same. The children should know about those people on whom they can count in case they want to share something. Doing these activities strengthen your relationship with your child, also empowers them to make their saying reach everyone in their safe circle.

Parents must be observant for these particular signs in kids (if appear all of a sudden):

  • Sudden withdrawal of some daily routine
  • Separation from friends
  • Change in behaviour (aggression/ hyperactivity/ anger etc.)
  • Unusual fear
  • Being reluctant to go to school or meet new people
  • Being rebellious

Though the parents are the closest person on earth to their children in their early ages, it’s a responsibility that lies at the community level to be extra cautious of such incidents and educate kids for the same. A similar initiative is taken by EuroKids, Old DLF Colony, Sector-14, Gurgaon to educate children on Good Touch and Bad Touch & say “NO” to Child Sexual Abuse (CSA). You can find the video above and try showing it to every child around you so that no child remains uneducated about Good Touch and Bad Touch.

Protect our Children’s eyes from Evil and

their Hearts from Harm.

Keep watch over the Gate of their Souls and

fill their Mind with positive messages & influences that are good, lovely, pure and praiseworthy



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