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Happy Father’s Day 2017

Father: A son’s first hero, a daughter’s first love, he’s someone who’s protected you since you were too tiny to even blink your eyes. He’s kept you secure, cleaned the mess you always created, gifted you that super expensive gift you knew he couldn’t afford, taught you everything you know today and made you capable of moving around with respect in the society. Since words aren’t enough to acknowledge and thank what he’s done for you, this Father’s Day surprise him with some creativity blended with sheer love with Cardkhana.

Cardkhana by Shubhangi Sahal is a quirky corner based in New Delhi. Shubhangi, with her love for handmade goodies designs super creative cards using not only paper but wood, metal, plastic and a lot of other unimaginable textures and materials. Shubhangi can also decorate your dad’s bedside table with adorable photo frames filled in with cute quotes.


So, this Father’s Day, leave aside the dilemma of whether to boost his diabetes with chocolates and cake or give his blood pressure a jump with a bottle of booze as Cardkhana has got your back.
To place an order, please call on 9999088784.

Have a look at Cardkhana’s social media handles below.




You can also email us at

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