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Home Remedies to Remove Sunburn and Tanning

You move around and come back into your home and cozy room. You look into the mirror and what you see is that your skin has darkened a little bit. You are not looking so great as you were earlier and you try to look fairer and bring back the glowing skin. Tanning and sunburn might be the cause for the darkness of your skin. Let me tell you what is tanning and sunburn.

What is Tanning? 

Sunburn or tanning is the process in which the skin gets darker after exposure to the sun for a long time. Although, exposure to the sun for some time in morning is said to have many health benefits but prolonged or over exposure to the sun can also have some serious negative effects on the body. It can also cause some sort of skin diseases and ailments including cancer.

Why And How do We Get Tanned?

Tanning is our skin’s natural way of protecting us from the harmful ultra violet rays that comes from the sky. Whenever we come across under the sun rays, our body has a tendency to produce a substance or pigment called melanin on the exposed areas of our body which come in touch with the ultraviolet rays.

When the body is contacts the sun rays, the skin tone becomes patchy and uneven which makes it look dull, dry and lifeless.

How effective are Home Remedies against Tanning?

After observations and research on the various medicines and creams in context of tanning, it has been found out that natural remedies are the better ways of handling the process of tanning. Although, most of the cosmetic products available for all of us claims to be natural but they are not as effective as the natural remedies. You can find natural or home remedies around in your home and remove tan from the body. The best part of home remedies is that they are not very expensive and have zero side effects on the body. Let’s check out a few home remedies to remove tanning.

Home Remedies for You:

Besan (Bengal Gram Flour) and Turmeric Pack:

Mix 2 tablespoons of besan, a pinch of turmeric, one tablespoon of milk, and one tablespoon of crushed skin in an passing bowl with cold fragrance. Apply on clean face or any part of body you wish and let it dry for twenty minutes. Damp the dried areas by sprinkling water then slowly deduct the pack by cleanup gently in right-handed and anti-clockwise direction. Apply this pack once in two days for effective exfoliation and tan removal.

Fuller’s Earth (Multani Mitti) and Aloe Vera Gel Pack:

Mix 2 tablespoon of Multani Mitti with a tablespoon of aloe vera gel as well as the rosewater can also be added to dilute the mixture. Apply on face and neck or skin on the body then let it dry for half an hour. Clean face with cold water after some time.


Wheat Flour Pack:

Applying wheat flour on the skin can act as a helping hand in improving skin tone, in fading away dark spots and uneven skin tone. Prepare a paste using 2 tablespoons of wheat flour and water then apply it on the skin of your body. The paste should neither be too thin nor be too thick.  Leave it on the skin for fifteen minutes and wash off with water, gradually, get brighter and softer skin.

Lemon Juice:

All you will need is a lemon and slice it. Rub the lemon on the tanned area of the body. Leave the lemon juice on your tanned area of the body for few minutes before washing it off with water. You can apply this once or twice daily.

Aloe Vera:

Fetch aloe vera and cut its leaf into parts. Apply the inner part of the leaf of the aloe vera over the tanned or sunburn area and leave it for few minutes before washing it off. You can apply this once or twice daily.

Prepare these easy home remedies packs for reducing tanning as well as sunburn and provide the skin with the nourishment and pampering care that your skin deserves.

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