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Women Rising

Captivating at Work? A Sneak Peek at Women in Business Today Working women, ever wonder whether you’re getting anywhere? Consider an example: In 1973, Katharine Graham was the only female CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Well-educated but with zero business training and precious little ...

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Farzi Cafe’s not at all farzi, in fact a fantastic experience..

Farzi Cafe, DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon I really do not know where exactly to start with praising Farzi Cafe: perfectly unique concept, extra ordinary service by the staff, not so over the top pricing of their offerings and last but certainly not the least their ...

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Noodles with Lead to Bread with Carcinogenic Chemicals: An Alarming Phase!!

In most of the households, people start their day with bread during breakfast which is the most important meal of the day. Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) has turn up with a worrying test results after sampling around 40 pre-packaged breads in the market ...

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Diet Soda in Pregnancy Is Linked to Overweight Babies

According to a research conducted at Canadian Healthy Infant Longitudinal Development (CHILD), intake of diet soda or any other artificially sweetened beverages through pregnancy may lead to overweight 1-year-olds As per the research conducted, 3000 mothers were taken under examination for the year 2009 to ...

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A Look Back to a Road Trip to Kasauli/Shimla

We always wait eagerly for the long/extended weekends to fall in place, when we can plan our road trips. Road trip for us is one of the most exciting things to do in our leisure time. What all you need is a car, few friends, ...

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An Electrifying Road Trip from Delhi to Rishikesh

A week before Holi; when we wanted to just relax and get away from Hustle Bustle of Delhi, we chose to visit the “Land of Yogis” and the peaceful ghats of Ganges. This time we were three best friends chilling out together, we decided to ...

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