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Gaajar ka Halwa- A classic tempting dessert!!

Preparation Time: 20 minutes. Cooking Time: 15 minutes. Serving: 2 person. Ingredients: Grated red carrots- 500 gms Maawa/Khoya- 200 gms Sugar- 125 gms Full cream milk- 1 cup Desi ghee- 2 table spoon Fresh cardamom powder- of 3 pods Cashew nuts & pistachio (for garnishing) ...

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Oats Wrap

This is a quick breakfast recipe and can be packed for kids in their lunch as well. Preparation Time: 10 mins. Cooking Time: 10 mins. Serving: 2 Person.   Ingredients: For wrap: Fine Wheat Flour: 2 fist full Salt: a pinch Refined oil: 2 tbl ...

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Chilla Lababdar Gravy

This is a tempting gravy with chunks of chilla which tastes based with roti, paratha and jeera rice. Preparation Time: 10 mins. Cooking Time: 20 mins. Servings: 2 Person Ingredients: For Chilla: Gram flour (Besan)- 4 Tbl Spoon Red chilly powder- As required Salt- As ...

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Instant Ghughni Roll

Instant Ghughni Roll This is an instantly made breakfast recipe, suitable for all busy working people. Preparation Time: 5 minutes Cooking Time: 10 minutes Servings: 2 Person Ingredients: Green Sprouts (Hari Moong ki daal)- 150 Grams Potato (Chopped as to resemble with the size of ...

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Farah: Daal aur Chaawal ki namkeen gujhiya

Farah is a very interesting snack or main course recipe usually prepared in Eastern UP side. Since I belong to Varanasi and I have been enjoying Farah from my childhood this recipe is very close to my heart. Farah can be enjoyed with tomato gravy ...

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Paneer Bread Pops

Paneer Bread Pops Its a starter snack for a perfect evening. Preparation Time: 10 minutes Cooking Time: 10 minutes Servings: 2 Person Ingredients: Mashed Paneer                                         ...

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