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The Indian obsession with Round Chappatis

Now, don’t let the title confuse you. It is just a metaphor to highlight that our obsessions as Indians are not focused on the things that matter, but on silliness. From Make in India ‘Freedom 251’, to the recent demonetization, India’s fixation of being top-notch ...

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Paying service charge at a hotel, restaurant is not mandatory: Govt.

You visit a prominent restaurant or hotel, but the services offered in terms of hospitality are not at par with your expectations. Though the service charge ranging between 5 to 20% surfaces in your bill. You might feel cheated at times but were actually left ...

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Quick Facts on Breast Cancer

As per a study conducted, Angelina Jolie’s public revelation about her surgery for breast cancer led to an increase in genetic investigations for a gene known to escalate the lethal disease. Jolie’s mother had ovarian and breast cancer both & her grandmother had breast cancer. ...

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Get Your Skin Winter Ready

It’s everyone’s fantasy in the dead of winter: to have moist skin that’s immune to the special effects of icy cool temperatures, chilled thumping winds. Good luck with that, true? “The air is chilly and dry outside. Your skin’s defensive layer cracks, making it less ...

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Safety Tips While Traveling in India

Apart from an array of scenic geographical locations, rich historical culture, spicy cuisines and a spiritual atmosphere, India comprises of people who are warm hearted and helpful. Despite that, mild annoyances are inevitable wherever you travel.  Here are some safety tips to follow while travelling ...

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Harmanjeet Kaur Mann crowned as Miss Punjab 2016

October 15, 2016: The jazzy evening of October 15th at GNA University, Phagwara witnessed the remarkable event of Miss Punjab 2016 where 29 girls showcased a perfect blend of beauty, talent, and brains, and one winner was crowned as the proud owner of the title! ...

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