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Respecting Others Is More about You than Them

Voila Amigos… feels great to be back at writing for all you lovely folks again after almost a gap of 2 months now after a very hectic but yeah a satisfying business expedition traveled these days. I am quite delighted to be back in blogging now and I promise not to disappoint you all by my making my little piece of writing go disappeared altogether.

How have you people been so far? How many of you have been making things really take shapes as you have ever wanted to for years or so…? Well Me? I have been I think able to do it up to an extent that I would take as a beginning for the same. Starting my business has always been a dream to me since the time I realized that I have a competency of doing different things differently…oops! Do I sound confusing?? Let me explain to you in a bit of detail. I would say I started respecting myself, my decisions, my beliefs, my theories and the way of dealing with the people and situation. In course of doing all this, I learned one very important lesson which is: Respecting others is more about YOU than them.

When you are an integral part of an establishment where every other day you have to meet tremendously diverse kind of personalities, you come across some character issues, some turf wars, controlling the external environment concerns, personality rattles and also a lot of expectations on what “fairly good establishment-client relationship” should be similar to.

It has been quite appropriately quoted by someone: “Life is an echo. What you send out, comes back. What you sow, you reap. What you give, you get. What you see in others, exists in you. Remember, life is an echo. It always gets back to you. So give goodness.” It obviously is true indeed in a sense that if you desire to be respected by others, you also have to be respecting towards them. Everyone in the world wants to be recognized as he or she is being counted for something and is important to the person in contact with. Perpetually, people show love, respect, and kindness to the other person then who is bridging this gap. A deliberation for other people usually reflects faith and belief in oneself and faith in others as well. When you begin to show trust in people and you care about them and show belief in every walk of your relationship with them, they know it down the line. This mutual trust and belief inspire them to believe in the way you are practicing things at your establishment and they also want to become a part of it then.

The reason why I am sharing these very generic and tiny details with you people is that very recently I have been experiencing them at my organization. I have seen people coming as strangers, putting their trust in our structure and getting the system nurture their offspring with full belief and care. All of these things have been possible only when we had set our vision as to have a delightful respecting conduct for everyone. An association with people in which you have a connection because of their children who are more than their life becomes very fragile and important for you. But if you do not respect this trust and the association; things could take the wrong shape which you would never have even thought of.

Do you remember someone talking to you rudely and not be holding you with some regard? How was the feeling? Were you annoyed? Wanted to reply back the same? Trust me I have met such people in my life, whose action/behavior is so out of line that I would never have been able to be respecting to them. But I always remind myself that the way how I conduct myself, my attitude and my actions are what should be a matter of interest to me not others’.

Respect is a two-way service; if you want other people to respect you, you must first learn to show respectful behavior towards others. Nobody likes an untruthful or untrustworthy personality. A well-esteemed individual is one who is truthful in their communications to the other person and can be trusted to do what they have pledged to deliver. I have confidence in a fact that honesty is the first step towards being our utmost self. I each time make sure that I live up to my words conveyed and try to deliver further than what I promise. If sometimes due to any reason I can’t honor my commitments made, I make sure to address them consequently to the other party and make up for it.

You must have heard of this phrase as action speaks louder than words. Become a role model to others by the way of your behavior? Indorse yourself to the uppermost code of demeanor. People gain respect by walking the conversation. By now, I have come to believe in the saying that the most esteemed individual is the one who stimulates and encourages other people to accomplish their finest and empowers them to expose their uppermost potential.

So you lovely people out there, I hope I am clear while conveying my thoughts on what a respectful behavior towards everybody does and brings to every walk of your life.


Be Respectful, Stay Blessed.

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Hello, I am a proud owner of the EuroKids PreSchool, Old DLF Colony, Sector-14, Gurgaon. I'm here to pen down my thoughts as a big time Foodie and Health & Lifestyle Blogger who shares her personal experiences and beliefs via the columns underneath!! Hope you all enjoy :)

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