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Romantic honeymoon destinations outside India

Months of preparation and you’re finally married to your love! After all the folly of the wedding, finalizing a venue, getting your clothing done, infinitely fussing over logistics, and handling that one relative who always inclines to get high at weddings; the last thing you need to worry about is preparation of your honeymoon.

Don’t worry! We’ve put organised a list for the best honeymoon destination around the world, where you and your partner can finally forget about everything else, immerse each other’s company and rejoice the love.

Enlisting few best honeymoon destinations outside India to design an unbelievably romantic vacation for the love birds:


Popped away among the Mascarene Islands, Mauritius is a share of heaven whose very name conjures images of indigo blue seas and primeval beaches. Ethnically assorted, and with infinite fun things to do, Mauritius is an excellent place for a calming, tropical mood.



Paris & Lucerne

When you look back at the years of learning that Bollywood has taught us, it’s that no true love is comprehensive without an expedition to Switzerland. In addition to this the everlasting city of love: Paris, you’ve got a honeymoon that enchants classic romance.



If you’re the type of person who loves to go all out, be it for the wedding or the honeymoon, then Maldives is where you can curve your spouse off your feet. In any case, what’s superior to a generous, tropical honeymoon?  One on your very own reserved island, of course!


Phuket and Krabi

When you think of Thailand, you perhaps think spinster parties. But there’s a lot more to Thailand than just visiting Bangkok and Pattaya. If you’re regarding a fun filled, island-hopping honeymoon that goes further than just seashores, Phuket and Krabi, in Southern Thailand, are picture-perfect for a young couple!



If you’re watching out for a destination that has calming on the beach interspersed with a bit of culture, religiousness, and exploration, Bali is for you.


So, what are you waiting for? begin the voyage of your period with the flawless honeymoon!

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