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Safety Tips While Traveling in India

Apart from an array of scenic geographical locations, rich historical culture, spicy cuisines and a spiritual atmosphere, India comprises of people who are warm hearted and helpful. Despite that, mild annoyances are inevitable wherever you travel.  Here are some safety tips to follow while travelling in India to help you experience the fascinating land in all its glory:

1. Stay Healthy

India, though known for its natural beauty, has some major cities which can be dusty and polluted. Some ailments may often plague travellers. Hence it is practical to avoid falling sick in the first place. Equip yourself with basic medication (and insect protection). Avoid tap water at all times and carry fresh bottled water. If you consume street food, make sure that the spot and cooking conditions are hygienic. Prefer eating at larger, well known establishments having a significant number of customers.

2. Use Safe Transport

Due to the soaring population, overcrowded roads, buses, metros etc. is not astonishing. Thus, the safest solution is to hire a driver prior to your trip. While hiring a cab or an auto rickshaw, ensure that meter is at the lowest rate when you start off. Prepare yourself for hordes of people occupying even the aisles of city buses and metros. Be watchful and alert of your luggage and keep it close at all times.

3. Beware Of Cons

The agile, skilled hands of pickpocketers are trained and experienced making them a potential danger to novice travellers. Some of them are so sly that they haul out a wallet from your pockets or bags in crowded bazaars long before you notice. Hence, be vigilant, avoid physical contact and carry appropriate backpacks and purses. Make sure you keep your passports, cash, and cards cautiously.

Also, fraudulent shopkeepers are always lurking in marketplaces to deceive tourists with absurdly high prices for low-priced products. A simple method to deal with them is to do prior research before shopping anywhere, move in groups or ask reliable locals for the standard rates. Begging is another scheming money making device in India. They work in a structured industry even including children and elderly people.

4. Accustom Yourself To The Local Language

Learning basic Hindi (the national language) can relieve you of most of your problems during the trip. Basic greetings, numerical can help you deal with shopkeepers, vendors, cab and auto rickshaw drivers etc. It also aids you in calling out for help when necessary. Using the local language is also seen as courteous and renders a warm vibe.

5. Take On Local Habits

In a conservative country like India, the local folk appreciate it if you make an effort to blend in with their crowd. Dressing in the local attire is an interesting way to display respect for their customs. Dressing conservatively also gives you access to traditional places of worship like gurudwaras, mosques and temples. Blending in with the crowd and dressing modestly helps you avoid falling prey to street annoyances like harassment, name calling etc. It’s a mandatory code in India to take off your shoes before entering any religious place of worship.

6. Be Confident

Make enquiries and accurately study about the place to be self-assured and independent. Do not be afraid to raise your voice if anyone or anything bothers you. If you take notice of any nuisance, do not deem it as insignificant and call the police or authorities immediately.


About Rohit Agarwal

An avid traveller and nature lover by heart, Rohit is a travel writer at Trans India Travels. His writings bring in a world of information to the readers about every destination to make their travel hassle free.

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