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Top Desserts from All Corners of India to Soothe Your Sweet Tooth

Desserts are the best way to beat out stress. The spelling of desserts when spelled from reverse becomes stressed, so eating desserts will decrease your stress and make you feel happy again. In India, giving sweets after lunch or dinner is a tradition. When we have any guests in our home or some functions or if we have any good news, we always hear people saying “Mithai kb khila rahe ho?” distributing sweets for sharing our happiness is a traditional culture of India. A sweet paan, or a bit of sugar, we just have to talk of sweet whenever we are happy about anything. We usually say “tumhare muh mein ghee shakkar,” whenever someone does or says anything which makes us feel overjoyed.

During any festive occasion or for puja, we usually see our moms preparing kheer and halwa, most common sweet dishes of India. When any guests arrive, we send someone to go and fetch some sweets from the nearby market to serve the guests. Now you need not worry about going out in search of a sweet shop when guests come to give you a surprise. You can easily order some mouth watering desserts online from food apps like FoodPanda, and they will bring the sweets on time to relish the taste buds of your guests. Also, you can get huge discounts on your first order with FoodPanda and save money while you enjoy your favorite sweet. So now you can save your time and sit and relax at home while chit chatting with the guests and at the same time you will save those extra bucks as well.

Famous Desserts from All Four Corners of India

Here we are mentioning about the most loved and the top desserts from all corners of our country for you to savor. You can taste these delicacies when you are in a trip to any of the places around India.

North: The mouth watering gajar ka halwa, gulab jamun, rasgulla, kheer, motichur laddoo and a lot more are the famous sweets to savor your taste buds from the northern regions of India.  Loved by all the north Indians and even in other parts of India, these sweets bring water in our mouth just by hearing the names itself. Made with ghee, milk and grated carrot, gajar ka halwa is best sweet to enjoy in the chilly winters. A mixture of milk powder, milk, maida- refined flour, khoya, baking soda, water, cardamom powder formed in the shape of round balls is dipped in warm sugar syrup after frying deeply in oil forms the delicious gulab jamuns. The ready to make gulab jamuns are also a tasty treat to our loved ones. But in today’s busy life, we don’t have time to cook even the simplest recipes. So order the delicious North Indian sweets online and enjoy the yummy sweets.

East: You all must have the names like sandesh, malpua, cham cham, chhena gaja, amriti and all in the sweet shops pan India. Well, these are the famous desserts originally from the East India. The eastern part of India is known basically for its sweets. The fudgy sandesh and the luscious malpua made out of milk, cham cham made of milk, flour, cream, sugar, saffron, coconut flakes, and lemon juice are just an ambrosial to serve any of our guests. I bet they would just love the variety of sweets and praise your choice as well. Moreover, if you are not in your hometown and are craving to eat one of the eastern sweets, just order it online and enjoy.

South: The Kakinada kaja, ariselu, gavvalu, mysore pak, pootharekulu are the famous south Indian sweets and love by people throughout India. Since childhood I have seen my relatives coming from my native will bring boxes of these famous south Indian sweets. My mom would thank them saying we won’t get these sweets here in the north, and we are grateful for you to bring this for us. But now, she cannot say this to any of her relatives anymore. I once ordered her favorite sweet online and she was amazed to get the same taste. She no longer has to wait for the relatives to come and visit us in summers or winters after the long train journeys from south to north India. Now she orders the sweets online whenever she feels to relish on her favorite sweet.

West: The famous modak, loved by even Lord ganesha, shrikhand, kaju katli, puran poli, anarsa are all the loved delicious dishes from the western regions of India. Ingredients like, maida, ghee, milk, cashews, rice flour, jaggery, sugar, gram, wheat flour, etc. are used to form the scrumptious sweets. I had always heard of modak being the famous sweet and the favorite of Lord ganesha. The Mumbaiites love to savor the modak during ganpati festival every year. I wanted to taste it once, but never got a chance as I was not a native from Mumbai. I used to tell my neighbors, who went to Mumbai every year, to bring me back the modak from there. They used to laugh and say that they couldn’t as it could be spoiled in the long train journeys. As the flights are unaffordable for the middle-class people in India, trains are the only mode of traveling for them. Once, while going through the menu of FoodPanda, I saw modak listed in one of the famous restaurants in my hometown. I quickly ordered and gobbled the modak in my home without even having to wait to go to Mumbai and have one.

So now you can order the delicious sweets from anywhere across India and taste the sweets of our choice. So all you sweet tooth, go and order something sweet and delicious right now. Save your time and money both and enjoy the relishing sweets.

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