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Want to Lose Belly Fat?

Belly Fat: a nightmare for some and a reason of stress for some! You would never find a person who is happy because of their belly fat. Few people work out a lot to burn all their body fat and are making a very good move in this direction but find it very hard to lessen the belly fat. Sometimes the reasons could be related to the exercises not including anything in particular to reduce the belly fat but most of the times the reason lies in our eating habits. We might be consuming some sneaky food which is not letting our belly fat go away even after regular exercise/yoga has been practiced. This is what has happened with me recently, I am a regular practitioner of Yoga still I was observing a lot of belly fat getting accumulated. It was making me worried and when I am worried/stressed I tend to consume more food..LOL; which in turn was making me more and more fat entirely. This was the time when I realized something had gone wrong with my eating habits and I need to correct it as soon as possible or the belly fat would take such a shape that I would not be able to regain the original shape back.

Here, I am listing some of the important lessons that I learnt during my recent journey of losing belly fat:

  1. Munch on Nuts: Who is not nuts over the nuts, I am no different than others and love to eat different nuts. Cashew nut and walnuts being my favourite. Somehow I had forgotten to eat on them, I realized I must start eating nuts in place of carb food whenever I go hungry during my meal timings. Nuts contain unsaturated fatty acids which are more fulfilling than their grain based counterparts and are heart friendly as well.

  1. Including more of Lentils in my food: These grain items are full of fibre and proteins that are plant based along with full of vitamins and minerals. Pulses help build lean body mass to an individual. In a way they work multidirectional by being a great protein supplement along with maintaining a perfect body mass.

  1. Including Whole Grains to my Meal: One reason these grains are packed with vitamins and minerals & balance the salt in our body. I started consuming quinoa, barley, millet and brown rice in place of white rice. These grains really come with great benefits trust me. They make you look young by the time you start their consumption and you start feeling your skin has gone shiny.

  1. Dairy Products: These are one of the gifts of nature provided by the almighty. Many researches have shown that calcium has proven to be lowering the body weight and that is overtly found in dairy products. It even brings tightness to the skin and makes it brighter in its looks.

  1. Leafy Green Vegetables: These natural products contain omega-3 that belong to healthy type of fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids are amazingly essential for our body and brain. The health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids are massive and they have been proven effective in the handling and inhibition of several medical conditions. These vegetables are loaded with minerals and potassium which help in reduction of belly fat. For me particularly spinach has worked a lot.

  1. Tea or Coffee: I have observed that after my wedding the consumption of tea has increased drastically but what more interesting thing I have observed is that drinking tea/coffee at a particular time slot helps you stay in shape. Just one precaution needs to be taken that no artificial sweetener should be used in these drinks, only the naturally processed sugar should be used.

  1. Hydrating Vegetables as Salad: I don’t know why but I feel hungry very frequently and I had started eating on several junkies recently. I stopped them all and I started eating small portions of salads containing cucumber, carrots, and tomatoes because of their extra water content in them. They firstly keep me hydrated and secondly don’t let me eat junk and get me stuffed for a while.


I know you lovely ladies, you all wanna flaunt your flat and sexy belly through your sarees and crop tops (which are quite IN this season): Just go for it. Nothing much has been asked above to be done by you but if you really follow these lifestyle hacks, you certainly are going to have your belly flattened in a month or two just like I did.


So what are you waiting for? Craving for a flat belly? Go get it!!

About Khushboo

Hello, I am a proud owner of the EuroKids PreSchool, Old DLF Colony, Sector-14, Gurgaon. I'm here to pen down my thoughts as a big time Foodie and Health & Lifestyle Blogger who shares her personal experiences and beliefs via the columns underneath!! Hope you all enjoy :)

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